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7 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Starting a Blog

7 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Starting a Blog

Most Common Mistakes People Make When Starting a Blog

It’s no secret that 99% of blogs have less than 100 hits a day and end up being abandoned in less than 6 months. And usually, the motives are the same: basic mistakes that could have been avoided with a minimum of preparation and prior planning.

Based on my experience, these are the 8 most common mistakes. Are you committing any of them?

Common Mistakes People Make When Starting a Blog

1. Do not spend enough time on planning your project

In general, when someone wants to start a blog, he chooses the first idea that goes through his mind, buys a domain and a hosting, and starts to publish and share his articles through Facebook. Starting a blog is very easy, they think the rest will be too.

This strategy does not usually work very well.

Just as you would never think of opening a clothing store without first studying where to locate it, deciding the style of the garments you are going to sell and making accounts to see if the business is profitable. You should also not create a blog without first getting to define the Details of your project and study its feasibility.

Yes, I know it’s more fun to choose a template and set up plugins, but investing some time in planning what you’re going to do will help you spot serious problems before they happen and will save you hundreds of hours in the long run.

Be careful about falling on the opposite end: spend too much time thinking and not enough doing. It is impossible to plan everything in detail and in the end, the only way to check if your idea is good is to put it into practice, so do not obsess. Clarify the pillars of your project and get going.

2. Not knowing what you want to get with your blog

I have said it a thousand times, but I will not tire of repeating it: have a clear motive to do things. Most people make “yes” decisions, and creating a blog is no exception.

Sometimes I get up, open my mail and have a message from a visibly excited friend:

“I’ve decided that I’m going to start a blog.

“For what?”

“Well … for what it’s going to be, to have a blog!”

Automatically I know that blog will not come to anything. As the author does not know what it is he wants to get, nor will he have the motivation to write every week, and as soon as the Resistance visits him disguised as tired or beers with colleagues, the blog will be sacrificed.

3. Do not bring value

Why do you read quality blogs?

Let me answer for you: because it brings you something of value.

Maybe the articles are entertaining, inspiring, or teach you new things, but what is clear is that they are helpful. If not, you would not read me, it’s that simple.

So, always try give real good information and create value through the content of your blog.

4. Do not know who you are writing to

You have it clear: you want to start a travel blog.

For a month you work day and night to write epic posts that position you as a referent in your niche.

“5 activities to do in Chiang Mai that your children will love”

“How to enjoy Paris without spending a fortune”

“Top 10 destinations for digital nomads”

“Why should not you be afraid to travel alone to India”

“21 photographs from Africa that will leave you with your mouth open”

Your articles are well written and bring great value. However, the project has not just taken off. A comment here and there, some other subscription … but little else.

What’s going on?

The problem is that you do not know who you are writing for. Many people like to travel, but a family with children does not want the same thing as a girl who goes backpacking for the first time.

To be able to contribute value week after week, you need to be very clear who your audience is and understand what your needs are. Only in this way you can give your readers what they are looking for.


5. Not having enough content

Possibly the most frequent cause of death among newborn blogs is the lack of content. They start very hard, posting a new post every day, but each time it costs them more and more until there comes a point where they stay dry and die. What a pity!

Not knowing what to write about is usually a symptom of lack of passion. If you do not live and breathe the theme of your blog, you will be unable to generate ideas for new articles every week.


6. Do not be different.

There are millions of blogs on all kinds of topics. So if you want to succeed, you need to answer a key question:

Why should someone read your blog instead of any other?

Most bloggers are unable to give a good answer to this question, and their project ends up becoming “one more” and getting lost in the crowd.

Now more than ever, differentiating yourself from your competitors is the key to success because being different is what makes readers stay on your page, remember it and try to remain different.

7. Do not focus on what is really important


Many beginners like me. They spend months on choosing a good logo or designing the template of their blog They do not realize that quality content is more important than blog design. Without having good content no one will read them by having a nice design.

Remember that 20% of your efforts are responsible for 80% of your results, and dedicate yourself to write good articles, grow your mailing list and establish relationships with other bloggers. Do the minimum necessary and do not block yourself. There will be time to optimize later!

8. Not understanding that a blog is not the same as a business

One of the reasons many people start a blog is to make money. However, these people just do not understand that posting free articles every week does not give a harsh.

Unless you have AdSense advertising, affiliate links and other services on your website. A blog is a business and a marketing tool to attract a particular audience and position you as an expert. The business is to sell something to those readers. If you do not sell, you do not have a business, you have a hobby.

So if winning money is one of your main goals, you should have at least an idea of how you are going to get it before you start. Generating content is not enough.

Which of these mistakes did you make when starting your blog?